About Us

EvAIntel Group is a purpose-built, global Digital and AI strategy and transformation consulting services and software/SaaS products company solely focused on innovative Digital and AI Transformations. We specialize in assisting our customers to innovate and embark on critical business and technology change within the context of today’s business-altering, digital technology macro-trends, which we call disruptive technologies, such as: machine learning/AI, big data & analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, the internet of things, and eCommerce.

We lead our customers through the complex tasks of ideating, designing, building, integrating, and operating critical business systems to embrace a new set of disruptive technologies. We offer a set of Digital and AI  management and technology consulting services and software/SaaS solutions, within our global delivery model that follows our Think-Transform-Run approach.

A New Breed Of Digital & AI Transformation Provider

EvAIntel Group believes there is a better way to help multinational enterprises address modern business opportunities and challenges. These beliefs guide EvAIntel Group today, and into the future.

Exceed Competence – Not only must we be a global solution provider that is supremely capable and understands the business processes, systems, and technology that run each business area, we must approach the work with the flexibility, accessibility, and responsiveness of a true partner.

Great Solutions Require Vision – Our architects, developers, and consultants must have the vision to see the entire scope of the software and project, understand the interdependencies and “see” the end solution. They must also have the vision to incorporate current and future trends into their solutions.

Great is not Good Enough – Being the best requires that we go beyond the standard and deliver exceptional solutions. To achieve this, we believe in fostering a culture of ideas - feeding and rewarding the ingenuity that can enlighten solutions and provide our clients an incremental edge.

Passion of People – We have passion for the work that we do and hire people that share that commitment to the work and to meeting customer needs and solving their challenges.

Inspire Trust – We behave ethically throughout our work by always maintaining that we do what is best for the client. We believe all valuable and successful long-term relationships are founded on mutual integrity and trust.

Enable the Customer – We believe that serving our clients best means enabling them to be self-sufficient where they should be. We will grow our relationships by providing results, and long-term value, not by attempting to lock them in.

Balance for Performance – We believe that great solutions are achieved with a delicate balance between customization and standardization. We will thoroughly understand the solution-enabling technology in order to know how and where customization will not compromise performance and results. 

Embrace Innovation – We believe that innovation is at the heart of progress. We continuously seek new ways to improve and advance, leveraging emerging technologies, creative thinking, and fresh perspectives to drive meaningful change. By fostering a culture that values and encourages innovation, we stay ahead of the curve and deliver cutting-edge solutions that propel our clients and our business forward.

Pro Bono Consultation

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